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In this section, we will post reports that are awaiting the review of district research leads or others within each district. Each time a new paper is available for review, it will be emailed out to the CORE data leads. All papers will have a 2-3 week review window. We invite you to review the following research brief (based on three working papers) by May 4, 2018:

  • Brief: “Measuring Social Emotional Learning through Student Surveys in the CORE Districts: A Pragmatic Approach to Validity and Reliability”
  • Working paper: “Measuring Students’ Social-Emotional Learning Among California’s CORE Districts: An IRT Modeling Approach”
  • Working paper: “Trends in student social-emotional learning”
  • Working paper: “School Effects on Social-Emotional Learning”

     There are no papers available for review at this time. Check out new publications from the CORE-PACE research partnership at