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During 2018-2020, Stanford-SFUSD Partnership will work to execute a theory of action to support the research practice partnership. The theory of action follows the logic that, if district leaders and researchers have supportive resources and conditions to work together and build a culture supportive of partnering, researchers can produce generalizable, useful research. In turn, practitioners can reliably use that research in their decision-making to improve teacher practice, leadership practice, policy decisions, and ultimately student outcomes.

To realize this theory of action, the Stanford-SFUSD Partnership will aim to achieve three key objectives over 2018-2020

  1. Positively impact practices and policies to advance student outcomes, when SFUSD makes decisions based on Stanford research evidence.
  2. SFUSD administrators and Stanford Researchers build the will and skill for partnership research.

  3. Stanford and SFUSD will develop a deeper knowledge base to bolster research-based decision-making.

To achieve these objectives, the partnership will take three key actions during 2018-2020:

  1. Promote Stanford and SFUSD collaboration on research that tackles the largest barriers to advancing student outcomes 
  2. Emphasize the significance of pursuing useful research and utilizing a continuous improvement lens during decision-making 
  3. Assist Stanford and SFUSD in the establishment of a data management system for partnership research 

For more information, please review the Stanford/SFUSD 2018-2020 Agreement, which includes the partnership memo and strategic plan.