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DateJune 6, 2017 

9am - 4pm


Workshop Venue: The Falls, Elk Grove 


Holiday Inn, Elk Grove or

Hilton Garden Inn, Elk Grove

*An e mail should confirm which hotel you're at.

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Thank you to all the educators from across the state of California for working together to improve outcomes for students around mathematics!

Throughout the day, we centered our experience around our essential question: “How can we best leverage site leaders across our system for maximum impact”?

Learning Objectives

As the Math in Common Collaboration enters the home stretch, the key focus for site leaders must turn to the institutionalization of the changes and initiatives launched and refined as part of the Collaboration.  Accordingly, this all-day workshop is designed to provide and discuss specific strategies for ensuring that:

     - curricular changes will survive and continue to be tweaked for improvement;

     - a vision of effective teaching and learning of mathematics will guide the program beyond the Collaboration;

     - a system of high quality common unit assessments is in place before the end of the Collaboration;

     - a system of collaborative structures and protected time for these structures in in place; and

     - a sustainable system of coaching is in place.

We will examine each of these program elements as well as provide time for discussion of additional issues and concerns that site leaders might have.



About Steve

Steve Leinwand is a Principal Research Analyst at AIR and has over 35 years of leadership positions in mathematics education.  He currently serves as mathematics expert on a wide range of AIR projects that turn around schools, improve adult education, evaluate programs, develop assessments and provide technical assistance.  Leinwand’s work at AIR has included leadership and change instigator in AIR’s school turnaround work in Hazelwood, MO, East St. Louis, IL and Alexandria, VA; developing specifications and an Algebraic Reasoning item pool for the NCES High School Longitudinal Study; serving as Implementation Task Leader for the IES Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study; co-authoring “What the United States Can Learn from Singapore’s World-Class Mathematics System (and what Singapore can learn from the United States”; and co-authoring a comparison of the 2007 Grade 3 assessments administered in Hong Kong and in Massachusetts.  In addition, Leinwand has provided school and district-level support and technical assistance for the General Electric Foundation’s Ensuring Futures in Education project and the Microsoft Math Partnership, As part of AIR’s assessment program, Leinwand has overseen the development and quality review of multiple-choice and constructed response items for AIR’s contracts with Ohio, Hawaii, Delaware, Minnesota, South Carolina and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

Before joining AIR in 2002, Steve spent 22 years as Mathematics Consultant with the Connecticut Department of Education where he was responsible for the development and oversight of a broad statewide program of activities in K-12 mathematics education including the provision of technical assistance and professional development, the evaluation of Title 1 and K-12 mathematics programs, the assessment of student achievement and teacher competency, and the coordination of statewide mathematics programs and activities. Steve has also served on the NCTM Board of Directors and has been President of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. Steve is also an author of several mathematics textbooks and has written numerous articles. His books, Sensible Mathematics: A Guide for School Leaders and Accessible Mathematics: 10 Instructional Shifts That Raise Student Achievement were published by Heinemann in 2012 and 2009 respectively.

In April of 2015, Steve was honored to receive the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Mathematics Education Leadership Award.


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