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How can we collect and reflect on formative evidence to:
1) Inform our system?
2) Improve adult actions across our system to support student outcomes?
3) Improve our evidence tools to support student outcomes?

During this webinar, our TNTP thought-partners will guide you through a set of questions in order to look at the formative evidence you've already gathered, all while comparing notes and learning from the other webinar attendees. The reflective process TNTP will guide attendees through will be transferable, in the sense that they can be applied  in the future when thinking about formative evidence with any other change.  

PREWORK: Bring a written rubric/tool you are using and associated evidence you’ve gathered to our opt-in. Our focus will be spent reflecting on that tool/structure and the evidence you collected.


Event Information 

Date: February 27th (Tuesday)
Time:  3:00PM - 4:30PM