Is your district looking for a quick classroom observation model? 

Author: Nick Resnick

Elk Grove's Leadership Team has been utilizing a "FAST" (Fair, Accurate, Specific, Timely) formative feedback process for their teachers that is helping to transform classroom instruction. They have taken Dr. Kanold's philosophy to heart and actively are working to provide teachers (and students!) authentic and timely feedback.


  • Team of 3-5 District Administrators or Math Specialists visit a school site
    • The Principal is part of walking the classrooms
  • One member from this team previously communicated with PLC site based leaders to organize the classroom visits and ensure teachers were comfortable with a team of folks observing. 
  • The District team spends 30 minutes observing the classroom environment. 
  • After this time period, the teacher is pulled outside the class with a Math Specialist "substituting" for ~5 minutes while this teacher receives real-time feedback to improve his/her instruction. 
  • Within 5 minutes, the teacher is back in the classroom with positives and critical feedback to help move her CCSS-M implementation forward. 
  • On to the next classroom... 
  • At the end of the visit, the District Admin and Specialist team meets with the school site leadership team and debriefs areas of strength and areas of growth. 
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  1. I'd like to learn more about this model.  Did you only visit classrooms where the teachers were comfortable and you were "invited" to come in, or were all classrooms involved? How was the process introduced and explained to the staff?  I'd love to implement a similar model in Oceanside.

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  2. Hello Deb Wickman! Thanks for checking this out. I'm hoping Cara Kopecky could provide you greater context but I do believe they go into PLC leaders classrooms that has been previously asked if it is okay to visit. They found great value in the Oceanside Embedded Day, as it was able to reach more teachers and schools than their current model. If interested, we could set something up for all to reflect on this model and the embedded day together? Let me know.. Dianne Willson