Customized instruction will result in literacy improvement for all students, ensuring success in college and a future career.

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Melanie Sembritzki (lead)

         Vision Objective

By June 2018, the design team will work with the early literacy task force to develop a plan for messaging and articulation of the District's Vision for Early Literacy.  The Early Literacy Vision will be used to motivate, inspire and engage all stakeholders in taking ownership of our mission to ensure student success, in their development as readers.

         Content Objective

By June 2018, all students will meet or exceed one year's growth in reading.

         Process Objective

By June 2018, our administrators and teachers will continue to work with TCOE on the components of an effective guided reading lesson, as well as implementation of the ELA/ELD framework with a focus on writing.  We will work together to determine how to more effectively and precisely use data to drive instruction for students needing extra support.

         Improvement Plans

         Reflection Workspaces

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