Cindi Lyon, Director of State and Federal Programs, Robla Unified School District 


Recently, my colleagues and I read "What is a Professional Learning Community?" by Richard DuFour on the ASCD website, a professional learning community for educators.

I realized we don’t spend enough time reflecting on our teaching and using that reflection to help us move forward.  Albert Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".  I think having PLC’s where colleagues and reflect together and share thoughts and ideas in a collaborative manner could be so meaningful. It would not only make school a more appealing place for children but could also alleviate teacher burn out and may help them feel more supported and “in it together”.

EVERYTHING in education right now is about the data. Yes, data is useful but I am beginning to feel the data overload. There is such a thing as to much data. Let’s ensure we collect and use the data that is actually going to influence the future not just report on the past. Emphasizing data for learning instead of data for proof allows us to be action oriented, and constantly improve.