Halle Foster


San Rafael


Math Teacher

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How do you mix complex tasks with fun? Celebrate a Happy Mathvent!

Halle Foster of the San Rafael CALLI HSM Leadership Team invented a program where students get excited about working on challenging, complex, and rigorous math problems. Halle has been providing rich math tasks on her twitter page, and we'd like to recognize and highlight her progress:


We are so grateful for the leaders in our CALLI High School Math community that create fun and innovative ways to serve our students. If you'd like more info on all of Halle's Mathvents, please be sure to visit her twitter page!

Myles and Jennifer's Reflections of the Day:

After we returned from the Amplifying Student Discourse Opt-in Session I in Mt. Diablo, we realized how how eye-opening the experience was. We talked about the experience with our teachers the following day at PLC, and we also shared with others.  What was eye-opening about it? To be "on the spot" in front of peers and to have to do a good job explaining answers to a group. It was particularly helpful to have Phil cross examining our explanations and have a high expectation for our precise use of our wording.  I think we as teachers can do a better job having high expectations for better explanations. This experience has helped us to formulate what good discourse looks like so it has given us a bit of a target to hit.  We are continuing to process how we need to approach and implement this discourse in our classrooms through the use of lesson study and conversations with our teachers as to how we can get students doing more thinking and doing.

Highlights from the Community

"As a new Teacher on Special Assignment, I feel the work I am doing with teachers is validated and relevant because of meeting with other professionals and hearing about the work they are doing or embarking on in their districts."

"I enjoy working with people from other teams and learning from the work that they are doing at their sites. It is great to see how other districts are implementing our learning."

"It was a great learning opportunity. It gave me additional resources to continue the work that we are doing."

"I liked seeing (and experiencing) the questioning from Mr. Daro. It is important as teachers to be asking clarifying questions to help students to explain well and to help students that may be confused at the same time."

Check out the video highlights of the day

Twitter Highlights:

Our Community in Action in Mt. Diablo!

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